Liz creates magic. She creatively cultivates classes in which all students can find the support or challenge they need. Her experienced teaching style beautifully balances the physical and spiritual elements of practice. I feel I’ve grown so much under her instruction. Thank you for inspiring me to keep stepping back on the mat!
— Amanda Hughes

Liz is an amazing soul and exactly the person you need to guide you through your practice. 5/5 would recommend her classes and retreats.
— Kristen Pawlick

Beautiful, talented, and nothing but good vibes. Liz is one of those people you are supposed to meet. Join her for some fun and challenging yoga or check out her guided meditations!
— Markus Cuevas

Liz is a well-trained, intuitive guide. She is humble. She truly has a gift.
— Betty Rosenblatt

Where to start? Anyone that gives themselves the pleasure of being a part of anything Liz is involved in or facilitating would only be bettering themselves in mind, body, and spirit. Hands down the best yoga instructor for beginners and life-long practitioners. Liz Getman is a special being of light and love.
— Michael Flores

Liz is my favorite person in the world. She introduced yoga to my family over a year ago and has given us the ability to deal with the many struggles of everyday life through the power of yoga. My husband and I are different levels, and she is able to easily coach us while still maintaining unity in our practice. Her ability to bring calmness, peace, and light into one’s life is with heartfelt ease. Can’t recommend her enough.
— Iman Zawahry

Beautiful and talented guide! Liz gave me one of the deepest yoga experiences in her Cacaoga® class, leaving me with the desire for more, more, more of her genuine guidance and joy. Thank you!
— Ayesha Irani Davis

I met Liz by doing Zumba® and loved her energy, moves, and choreography. Thanks to Liz I was introduced to yoga and meditation, and I can honestly say she changed my life for the better. Her yoga practice and meditation techniques are very friendly and easy to follow, and she adds a unique blissful feeling to each practice which helps you let go of everything and connect with yourself deeply.
— Tatiana Ramirez

Having followed Liz’s classes for a year—yoga, meditation, Zumba®, Cacaoga®, and even a Panamanian retreat—I always come away inspired, refreshed, and impressed by the depth of her knowledge, her sincere dedication to her craft, and the way she makes one feel scooped up, known, and cared about as a student in her class. Liz is effective with newbies as well as advanced students—even in the same class—and overall, her approach is truly dedicated to furthering personal growth, group cohesion, and just plain happiness, no matter the class level or the particular discipline she is teaching. I look forward to every single class and would follow her anywhere!
— Randi Cameon