Expand your awareness. Sleep better. Realize your potential. Join Liz for a guided meditation from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.


Shining Your Light

This meditation uses visualization and the mantra "Ravaye Hum," which means, "I am the light of supreme radiance," to aid listeners in shining their inner light.

Remaining with the Presence of Possibility

This meditation invites you to connect more deeply to the present moment through intentional breathing and the mantra, "I am present. Anything is possible."

Changing Your Thought Patters

This meditation invites you to observe the fluctuations of your mind and start to shift negative thought patterns.

8-Minute Breath Awareness Practice

This breath awareness practice invites you to lengthen the flow of breath and find stillness in both body and mind.

Balancing the Heart

This meditation helps balance the receiving and giving sides of the heart through intentional breathing.

Releasing the Past

This meditation is designed to aid you in letting go of attachment to the past and open to the newness of each moment.