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Soften & Surrender: One-Day Retreat with Betsy & Liz

Quiet your mind. Soften your edges. Discover new space to be and breathe with Betsy Carlson and Liz Getman of Searchlight Yoga during a special one-day retreat on Sunday, Oct. 13 at Casa Micanopy (22259 NW 75th Avenue Rd, Micanopy, FL 32667).

Our full day of rest, renewal, and spiritual practice will include:
- Vinyasa flow (90 minutes) with Betsy
- Crystal bowl sound healing with Betsy
- Vegan/vegetarian lunch
- Ceremonial cacao and Metta meditation with Liz
- Yin + full body relaxation with Liz
- Free time to swim, walk, connect, and enjoy Mother Nature's gifts

This retreat will cap at 25 people. Cost is $125 and may be paid via, cash, or check. Contact Liz with payment questions. 50% of total payment can be refunded through September 29, 2019.