Beyond Asana Season 1


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yoga privilege and spiritual bypassing, with Dianne Bondy

Episode 1 of Beyond Asana features Dianne Bondy, a yoga teacher, activist, and social media phenom, who invites us to consider the incredibly important topics of privilege, spiritual bypassing, and accessible and inclusive yoga. Dianne doesn’t hold back, but she isn’t here to attack anyone. She calls in all people—yogis of all sizes, colors, creeds, and backgrounds—to consider how we can create a world where yoga truly is for all. Read more about Dianne’s work.


Conscious coupling and the power of partnership, with Alex and Rachel Jarboe

Yoga teachers and business owners Alex and Rachel Jarboe discuss how to co-create a conscious, loving relationship and how yoga can help us become better partners and better people. We also consider the spiritually significant question: Can we enjoy DiGiorno Pizza, (vegan) fried chicken, and Law and Order as yoga practitioners? (Of course we can.) Plus, we learn how eating Starburst can help you find your soulmate or business partner. Read more about Yoga Pod.


Overcoming BS to find love and truth, with Leila Dylla

On Episode 3, Leila Dylla—#ShesKindOfABigDylla—shares how she moved to living a purposeful, fulfilled life and how’s she helping others to do the same. Authentically herself, she reminds us that it's okay to be human, even in our spiritual practice; cursing and chanting aren’t mutually exclusive. She opens her heart about the importance of self-care, truth, and having fun. Keep up with Leila’s adventures and offerings at her website.


Yoga as a Universal Language, with Robert Sturman

Aaron fangirled a bit during Episode 4. Robert Sturman is more than a photographer. He is a linguist who captures the spirit and language of yoga in photography in a way we’ve never seen before. He reminds us that across cultures, across boundaries, we are all human. We can all practice and live yoga, despite any apparent differences in the way we look or speak. Plus, he calls Aaron a dude, which is his cherry on the Beyond Asana cake. Learn more about Robert's work and listen to his podcast, Asana Society, on his website.


The Appropriation Question and Our Fear of Stillness, with Payal Khurana

Payal Khurana is our Episode 5 guest, but she was actually the first person to record an episode of our show. She was the first person to say “yes” to this crazy yoga podcast idea. And, as you’ll understand after listening, she is one of the first people to inspire Liz to live a more mindful, intentional life through stillness, self-inquiry, and humor. Though she wants listeners to know her opinions featured on the show do not necessarily represent those of others, Payal's thoughts about how to honor the sacred tradition of yoga in the Western world aren't to be missed. Learn more about her work at Stillness Studio and check out her TEDx Talk for more inspiration.


Suffering as a Path to Connection and Spiritual Growth, with Keri Johnson

Producer Steve likes to claim he doesn’t have a favorite episode, but if you stroll into his office after hours, you’ll hear him listening to Episode 6 with Keri Johnson on repeat. Keri opens up about her sobriety and the importance of vulnerability and shares her extensive knowledge of yogic philosophy, Bhakti yoga, and Dr. Brené Brown’s A Daring Way. Her laugh is infectious, as is her chanting. Listen to the end to hear her chant one of her favorite mantras. Find out more about Keri’s background, events, and approach to yoga and therapy.


Allyship and Activism, with Leah Song of Rising Appalachia

Aaron fangirled during Episode 4 with Robert Sturman. Liz got pretty overwhelmed by Episode 7 with Leah Song of Rising Appalachia. (Forgive any nerves or heavy breathing.) Leah called us in from a cabin in the woods in Georgia, her home state, with rain falling in the background and hardly any signal to connect with our call—fitting for someone who talks about how we can live a more connected and meaningful life as yoga practitioners and human beings. Just like her music, her message on the show will inspire you to get involved in making this planet a better place for all people. You can find Rising Appalachia’s tour schedule on their website and listen to their music on your preferred streaming service.


#StrikeAPose - Asana as a Gateway to Something Deeper, with Kate Keskinen

On Episode 8, we sit down with Kate Keskinen about the importance of asana as a gateway to deeper spiritual practice. Kate opens up about her journey as a dancer-turned-yogini and why breath, or pranayama, is such an important tool on the mat and off. Also, we like to joke that Aaron and Kate are really the same person—their interests, tastes, and the way they interact with the world are similar—so her pitch really gets him good. Follow Kate’s prodigious IG feed for art, travel, yoga, and more @katekeskinen.


A Lightness of Being aka ”Two Jersey Girls and a Wannabe Jersey Boy,” with Marni Sclaroff

Episode 9 with Marni Sclaroff reminds us to be playful. Marni is a fellow Jersey girl—Liz and Marni grew up in neighboring towns—who lives her life as a prayer, but a prayer that doesn’t take itself too seriously. She opens up about her battles with an eating disorder and a spiritual crisis, and how the many limbs of yoga, and her two children, helped her become the inspiring woman she is today. Did you know Marni just published a new book? Order it online, and while you’re at it, listen to her podcast and follow her blog.


Awakening as a Yoga Learner (Not a Yoga Teacher), with Cristiane Machado

We had to save Cristiane Machado for last. On Episode 10, we sit down with one of Liz’s mentors, teachers, and closest friends. Cristiane talks about how to address the world’s suffering, how to live with love, and why all people deserve to be seen and heard. She laughs and cries—sometimes at the same time—and really gets Aaron thinking about why he should maybe add yoga into his life. Travel the world with Cristiane and learn more about her approach to bodywork.