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Beyond the mat · Beyond the BS · Honest and inspired conversations with yoga teachers and changemakers living yoga off the mat · with Liz Getman and Aaron King

Beyond Asana is a podcast for yogis and non-yogis looking to live a happier, more fulfilling life. At once funny and serious, the show invites yoga teachers and spiritual leaders from around the world to consider how we, as a global society, can use yoga as a tool for transformative change. Follow us at @BeyondAsanaPod on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And be sure to subscribe on iTunes or wherever your podcast journey may find you.


Season 1 Recap: yoga as an approach to living

We're back! And maybe better than ever?! Liz and Aaron sit down for a quick recap and highlight reel of Season 1 and give a quick preview of upcoming episodes. Aaron realizes yoga isn't just a fad or a thing you do with your body, but rather a way of living.


Yoga for Eating Disorders and Body Mindful Language, with Jennifer Kreatsoulas

Our Season 2, Episode 1 guest is Jennifer Kreatsoulas, the founder of Yoga 4 Eating Disorders, who challenges listeners to consider the language used when teaching, talking about, and practicing yoga. With love and respect, she encourages us to replace words that may be triggering for those struggling with body shame or disordered eating (including the widely used “belly”). Can we think outside the traditional asana box to ensure all practitioners feel comfortable, safe, and supported? Jennifer believes we can. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder or know someone who is, set up a call with Jennifer or learn more about her current offerings.


Sister Science: divine Healing through yoga and ayurveda, with Dhyana and Syama Masla

Sisters Syama and Dhyana Masla are on a journey to awaken others to divine purpose. The mindful masterminds behind the online community and movement “Sister Science,” Syama and Dhyana root their various offerings in a desire to serve and guide others to experience the highest love and deepest joy, always available within. They teach us about the principles of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, and how to find health and happiness anywhere in the world. Beyond being pure rays of sunshine, these sweet sisters share simple tips to help us maintain a lifestyle that, alongside yoga, contributes to optimal wellbeing. Catch them for a yoga retreat or training soon. You don't want to miss out on their magic.


Inclusivity and Sustainability as a Studio Owner and Teacher, with Samantha Jones

What’s the connection between caring for the environment and practicing yoga? Episode 3 guest Samantha Jones fills us in. She also shares her experience as a studio owner, yoga teacher, mother, and verified rock-and-roll star. Plus, she sprinkles in a few yoga jokes, and, well, who doesn’t love those? Self-taught since age 12 and trained at the Sivananda Ashram, Samantha has a unique ability to teach yoga to individuals from varying practices and life experiences. Her commitment to inclusivity and ability to adapt a yoga program to every body is inspiring. Learn more about Samantha and her studio Searchlight Yoga.


Healing Warriors’ Unseen wounds, with Dan Nevins

Get the tissue box ready. Dan Nevins’ journey to yoga brings some serious tears (and curse words). A veteran, yoga teacher, and inspirational speaker, Dan has been empowering communities across the globe with a message of resilience and hope for more than a decade. He shares how yoga saved his own life and how the practice is helping both active duty members and veterans heal the visible and invisible wounds of war. Liz says she’s all in for the “Church of Dan,” and once you listen, you’ll understand why. Read about his Warrior Spirit Retreat, a free retreat where warriors learn to heal. And be sure to invite a veteran to yoga. You just may save a life.

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Creating a Worldwide Accessible Yoga Community, with Jivana Heyman

The first thing Jivana Heyman does when he enters a yoga studio, restaurant, store, or community space is scope out its accessibility. Are the hallways wide enough for wheelchairs? Are there ramps? Do the chairs accommodate all body sizes? Founder of Accessible Yoga, Jivana leads conferences, trainings, and advocacy programs across the world to help make yoga available for all. On this episode, he clears up a common misperception that accessible yoga is a type of yoga, like Ashtanga or Vinyasa, shares about the start of his work teaching yoga to those living with AIDS and HIV, and encourages teachers and trainers to help shift the media landscape around how a yoga body looks and moves. Sign up for an Accessible Yoga training, and stay tuned for Jivana's forthcoming book Accessible Yoga: Poses and Practices for Every Body, expected to release in November 2019. 


A Trauma-Informed, Social Justice-Centered Approach to Yoga, with Hala Khouri

Hala Khouri lights a fire within yoga communities and beyond to respond to injustice and support our collective liberation. Hala is one of the creators of Off the Mat, Into the World, a nonprofit dedicated to utilizing the tools of yoga and somatic practices within a justice framework to inspire people to be conscious leaders of change. With a background in counseling, psychology, somatic experiencing, and liberation studies, Hala has been teaching yoga and the movement arts for more than 20 years. On this episode, she shares her interdisciplinary approach to responding to suffering, showing up in social justice work, and avoiding harm through trauma-informed yoga practices. Sign up for one of her life-changing trainings. You won’t regret it.


The Alchemy of Trauma, with Sanaz Yaghmai

Founder of the Alchemy of Trauma, Sanaz Yaghmai, Psy.D, teaches yoga and holds healing space in communities that have experienced the heights of trauma and isolation. With humility and heart, Sanaz speaks to how she turned her own traumatic experience in a prison into finding her purpose helping humanitarian agencies address the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of refugees across the globe. Through the Alchemy of Trauma and her NGO partnerships, including REFUGYM, Sanaz is helping countless individuals transform darkness into light, helplessness into agency, and suffering into liberation.

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From Anxiety to stillness, with adam whiting

Adam Whiting's path to yoga inspires students and teachers across the globe. With authenticity and humor, Adam shares how he's found stillness and steadiness despite living with anxiety and panic attacks, his journey from the States to Australia and back again, and the power of mantra and music to transform the yogic experience. Adam leads regular yoga teacher trainings in his current home of Charlotte, NC and has some of the best public Spotify playlists around. (Yoga teachers take note.) Sign up for his YTT (you just might see Liz there), and follow along with his poetic Instagram posts for weekly inspiration.


Curves, Cacao, and Creating Space, with Dana A. Smith

Dana A. Smith has been a pioneer of inclusive yoga in the West for the past 20 years. Founder and owner of Spiritual Essence Yoga, Dana is the creative visionary behind the international Yes! Yoga Has Curves movement. Her message is simple, yet profound: “Yoga is for EVERY body!” Through her various endeavors and teacher trainings, Dana has created space for all yoga practitioners to thrive and experience the benefits of practicing and teaching the various limbs of yoga. Dana shares how yoga helped transform her life as a Recovering Type A (like Liz) and member of a military family. We also discuss our mutual love of heart-opening cacao as a facilitator for spiritual growth and connection.


Body Image, Power, Privilege, and Authentic Empowerment, with Melanie Klein

Surprise! Producer Steve fills in for Aaron who missed this week's episode with Melanie Klein. A coach, thought leader, author, and influencer in the areas of body confidence, authentic empowerment, and visibility, Melanie is shaking the foundation of yoga in the Western world by investigating power and privilege dynamics, body image, media literacy, and much, much more. Melanie is co-founder of both the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and The Joy Revolution, a leadership program that challenges us to consider how we can live with joy while participating in social justice and advocacy work. Without Aaron, we don't dive too far into academics or philosophy, but we do enjoy some deep conversation around showing up authentically to further both our individual liberation and collective liberation. As Melanie reminds, we're all in this together, folks.

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Embodying Our Collective Spirit through Music, with Alexandra Love of Beautiful Chorus

We haven't conducted a formal study, but we're pretty sure at least 75% of yoga asana classes play Beautiful Chorus at least once per class. A meditative women’s chorus dedicated to rhythmic music, resonance therapy, and personal alignment, Beautiful Chorus has been offering their healing sound to people from all walks of life since 2011. Our guest, Alexandra Love, is director of the chorus, a spiritual guide, sound healing musician, writer, and artist. We chat about music’s ability to awaken our collective spirit, the power of finding and sharing our unique voice, and how to show up authentically and with love and compassion no matter where our journey takes us. The best way we can describe the music of Beautiful Chorus and this episode is a warm smile in the heart. Enjoy their magic on Spotify or iTunes.